Design Process

While we understand that the brochure design process varies amongst individuals, here is an estimated guideline that will aid in developing your brochure design for good marketing, advertising and promotional material.

Step 1: Gathering of all relevant information including scanned images (JPG), text file (Word format), clients' preferences, if any, in terms of the size, colour, themes, etc.

Step 2: Analyse and provide general feedback based on our expertise and industry practice. Communication is key and all input from our client is paramount. We will kick start the first draft of the artwork.

Step 3: On completion of the first draft, we will then seek the client’s approval and feedback. We will rework and incorporate customers’ suggestions at best until clients approved, which is called the Final Artwork (FA).

Step 4: Once approval, we will send a digital print out known as Colour Proofs / mockup to clients so that clients can assess and visualise the actual finished product in colour. Once endorsed by clients, we will proceed with the printing and delivery thereafter if any.