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HTC Flash Mob Dance | Raffles Place

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

This is an event by HTC on 23th October 2009 at Raffles Place. Seeing the scale of event, you will know to put off something like this is no easy feat. To ordinate with the number of dancers is already the first headache. I heard they are about 200 of them coming from NTU that make this slightly easier since you can work around their studying time and etc. Secondly is the venue, with so many dancers, you need to clear off certain area to pull this off. Hosting it at Raffles Place and during lunch time where people walk in and out while they are dancing? Who will think of that? Then again, that is the whole purpose, to dance during lunch time where the people are out from their offices being entertained with a pleasant surprise.

Not only that, there is no uniform or a particular dressing involved, how are you going to recognise them when they are all out there? Only thing is to open your eyes big big? That is what they are trying to bring the message across probably? A re-branding campaign to say their handphone are hip and popular across all ages? From students to working professionals? Some details I spotted are: some dancers are holding to HTC phones while dancing and flashing them occasionally (Subconscious marketing?), at the end, most of them left while bringing out their handphone pretending to be chatting on phones?

Lastly, enjoy… BTW, did I mention they stop at 1? Good things must shared around right? They did another in Wisma Atria the following day.