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Offset / Digital Printing

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Offset Printing, also known as Lithography; is best defined quite literally as writing with stones. The image to be printed will be engraved on a flat plate and then inked when it comes into contact with paper. The plate will then be flushed with water so ink will only be adhered to the engraved areas of the plate, as the lithographic process of the repulsion of oil and water keeps the non-printing areas ink free.

Offset Printing is able to print on sizes larger than A3, and is recommended for larger quantities (more than 1000) to be economical. Sharp and clean high quality print can be ensured and little maintainence is required if this type of print is chosen. As such, Offset Printing is also one of the most common methods of printing today. We recommend Offset Printing if your image contains fine lines, photographs, screens or tints.

Digital Printing refers to high speed laser printing, often utilizing a state-of-the-art digital colour copier using a single source of concentrated light to expose the image on to photosensitive material. Electrically charged toner will then be attracted to the image and the toner particles are then transferred to paper when in contact with heat or pressure. It is a very fast method of printing as the print is dried instantly.

Digital Print is typically for low print run, hence recommended for smaller quantities and can only print up to a maximum of A3 size. It prints directly from digital files and no film is involved at all. Compared to Offset Printing, the content can be more easily changed, translating to lower wastage and personalization. There is also a significantly shorter lead time. Digital Prints work well on paper or canvas.

The aim of this post is not to determine which method of printing is better, but in hopes of giving readers a better insight of the different methods of printing; and which method to choose to suit their needs. We hope that this post has been useful to you and should you need further clarifications or more tips, Design Workz will be pleased to help you out.

National Healthcare Group Roll Up Banner

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

The word “banner” is derived from the Latin word bandum, and was further developed by the Germans to mean an official edict or proclaimation. Today, banners have evolved to mean anything displayed as a symbol, often regardless of material. Banners in present day are primarily used for advertising purposes and creating brand awareness.

Design Workz is delighted to be enlisted by the National Healthcare Group (NHG) to assist them in the design and printing of their Roll Up Banner. We sincerely hope that the Roll Up Banner has helped NHG create greater public exposure so that more people will comprehend their vital role in our society.

NHG Roll Up Banner

Roll Up Banners are lightweight, hence they are convenient to set-up/dismantle. Images and text on the banner are also of a good size and easy to see even from a distance, thus increasing visibility. Due to convenience of portability, it can even be strategically positioned to create an even greater impact. Protective layers like gloss or matt lamination is applied on to increase lifespan of the banner.

Banners can be used for exhibitions, marketing pitches, sales presentations, and retail displays. Prominent banners can also be used to guide people in the correct direction.

The success and effectiveness of a banner is very much determined by the design. Should you need more information on banners or wish to heighten effectiveness of your current banner, feel free to contact Design Workz. We are always ready to share more on our area of expertise.

Web Re-Launched!

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

Design Workz is pleased to present the re-launch of our very own website,  which is not only new and improved, but also up to date, so as to have a cutting edge over others. The contents have been updated with current ongoing promotions and the revamp has made the website more Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly, which should help even first-timers in ease of navigation and hopefully, increase our web visibility and gain more traffic.

Design Workz Website

Check out our brand new look and learn more about us today! Should you need a consultation for our services, feel free to contact us through the feedback form. We have a multitde of satisfied clients who can vouch for our competency and accomplishments with their favourable testimonials. We hope to hear from you soon!