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Ritchie Creative Design Website

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

In today’s volatile economy, change is the only constant. Should you not seek change and improvement, change is bound to engulf you.

Ritchie Creative Design sought change and surged ahead of competition by upgrading and revamping their corporate site. Having designed and developed their site previously, we trust that Ritchie had been sufficiently satisfied with the level of product and service Design Workz has to offer. We are pleased to report that their website today is classier, more interactive, and user friendly.

Ritchie Website

Corporate websites creates an online presence and provides companies with added advantage and edge.

If your company has yet to embark on change; what are you waiting for? Contact Design Workz today!

Goldbell Weigh-System Brochure

Thursday, November 10th, 2011

Goldbell Brochure

Concepted in 1993, Goldbell Weigh-System is Singapore’s leading retailer and service provider in the weighing industry. They supply a wide range of weights, scales, as well as a variety of measuring instruments. With their team of skillful personnels, Goldbell also provides servicing, repair, caliberation and maintenance services.

Given their strong reputation, Design Workz is sure that the company needs no further extolling, but in the meantime we are pleased to share that we have come up with a handy brochure documenting the range of products and services they offer. This handy three-fold brochure is a useful tool to keep by your side – especially if your industry requires the use of weighing apparatus and services. Even if not, you’ll never know when the brochure will come in handy.

Compact, convenient, detailed, and attractive – we are sure that the brochure will serve Goldbell well.