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PHP Engineering Website

Thursday, June 27th, 2013

PHP Engineering had stopped having a website for quite a few years before they decide to re-launch a website again. Why so? The lure of having a virtual exposure is too much to ignore already. In fact, all the more is important when you have overseas clients, they need to be able to access some of the general information or know what services that you provided. In fact, a website is so vital now as we packed more features in it. With a Facebook account or Twitter account linked to it, it became a good communication tool to broadcast your latest news or press releases.

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PHP Engineering Pte Ltd

Herbapeutic DL Brochure

Thursday, June 13th, 2013

Herbapeutic Brochure Design

A founder strived to make ancient remedies accessible by formulating external applications so as to relieve body discomfort while enhancing wellness. In Singapore today, is it easy, especially with a lot of rules and regulations to follow, however, we follow through and come a long way to the Singapore that you see today, so is this company.

In fact while working on this brochure, we had to send the design to government regulating bodies to check as well, thought some delay but I see it as a good sign that this company is taking up the responsibility.

How about you and your company? Are you taking the necessary steps to market and run the company in long run?

The Novena Medical Specialists Logo Design

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

The Novena Medical Specialists Logo Design

Another new startup company, this time it is a specialist clinic. A few items are required in this project to create an overall branding image. We started with logo design and extended it to stationery items. Thereafter, also to outdoor application like signages and etc.

Likewise, all the best to this client and may you helped more patients to come so that they can be healed at your hands.