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To Pitch or Not to Pitch

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

About 20 Ad Agencies in Belgium have gone on a Pitch Strike in February 2010 refusing to participate in competitive bidding contests for ad accounts where more than 3 agencies are being considered at a time. In the advertising industry, a pitch is when an advertising agencies is trying to win the business to represent a product. Several agencies will probably be attempting to get the contract and have to go through a Pitch process. This may include examples of ads, the creative ideas, etc. Anyone who owns, runs or works for an agency knows just how expensive it can be to Pitch, and the many hours spend creating, an amazing concept for a client that is not guaranteed to go with them. Most agencies complain that client typical briefs are poorly prepared and ask for extensive campaign plans to be submitted within unrealistic deadlines and without any opportunity to discuss these with the ultimate decision maker.

Clients frequently mount fake pitches to ascertain industry costs for their benchmarking purposes. The clients appoints one agency, but takes the concepts of the agency that didn’t get appointed and asks the winner to use them. The worse thing about pitching is that agencies give away for free their highest value product – their strategic thinking. In the past the winning agency could amortize its investment in the pitch over a 10 or 20 years period, or even longer.

But today, relationships are shorter as the average contract period is below 2 years, so you will often have a change of agencies, 2 or 3 years of working with a client after winning a Pitch are often not enough for an agency to recoup its pitch investment in today revolving door environment. Before you Pitch look into these things:

  • If too many agencies pitched.
  • Clearly a lot of shopping for agencies going on here and the best deal usually nabs the deal. Chances are competition is going to heat up.
  • When the briefing for the Pitch keeps getting pushed back because the clients are too busy.
  • Surely, if a client is Sincere a meeting will be a top Priority.
  • If the Client is more Budget conscious.

So the decision is ours to pitch or not to pitch as well…

D’alliance Associates Website

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

Marketing your designing firm sounds simple in theory, but in practical it’s one of the toughest job. Potential clients like to peruse your work in the privacy of their own home without you knowing they are considering you for a project. Consumer looking for interior design services are increasingly looking online to find a designer to work with, and you may miss out on business if you don’t have a web presence. Many times this is the first impression a potential client has of the company, and it needs to be a good one, that’s why having a professionally designed web site is important. By posting the completed projects in website helps the client to have a visual view of the companies’ work. That’s why having a website for your designing firm is important. Just as what we did for our client here – D’alliance Associates.

D'alliance Associates

The Novena Medical Specialists Website

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

For doctors in private practice, the website provides value added services for the existing and new patients, by providing details as to the timing of the clinic, how to get to the clinic & clinic charges etc. The internet is a very valuable means of educating patients and doctors need to be in the forefront of providing reliable information to their patients. The patients can also schedule an appointment on website, making it a lot easier for to get an appointment. The doctors can also share some medical facts and tips online in their website. So having a website for your clinic benefits your patients a lot. We designed the website for our client – The Novena Medical Specialists.

The Novena Medical Specialists