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Fulco Calendar 2014

Monday, January 27th, 2014

Fulco Calendar 2014

Does Calendar marketing helps to promote your product?

Yes, Calendars are an inexpensive, effective custom promotional tool. People depends on them. By using calendar, your message is in front of everyone who views the calendar, 3-20 times/day, 24/7 365 days a year. Calendars are the best way to display an advertising message. All but guaranteed to be around for a full year, a calendar is purposely and continually referred to and written in each day. A calendar offers a relatively large space to tell the advertiser’s story. You can add special events or other added value tips. Custom photos and images offer the ability to feature products, facilities etc..

We are very happy to work with our existing client Fulco Motors for their Calendar. Our client deals with sale of new cars and rental of car business. Through their 30 years history with continuous dedication to their service excellence, Fulco has made its name as one of the best known automobile company in Singapore. Reinforce your brand all year round with one of our high quality corporate calendars. Choose from our prestigious retail collection personalised with your logo and company details, or use our professional team to create a customised calendar with your choice of format, images and date pad.

O.E. Manufacturing Catalogue

Monday, January 20th, 2014

OEM Catalogue

Catalogue remain a consistent performer and are trusted to reliably boost sales. They are an effective element of a total marketing mix and encourage customer engagement and boost conversions. Catalogue is a flexible advertising medium that is useful for multiple purposes including sales promotions, education, products and price details. Printed catalogue are an ideal way to reach prospects when they are offline. The best marketing mix consists of both online and offline activities. Offline marketing is a key way to gain the attention of customers when they are away from computers and tablets. A well thought out catalogue can be a self contained marketing campaign that provides the bait, hook & muscle to reel in a new customer.

We are very proud to work with our existing client O.E. Manufacturing for their catalogue. As a leading manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic systems, O.E. Manufacturing equips itself with every resource necessary to meet customer expectation of quality and delivery.

Citystate Travel Logo Design

Monday, January 13th, 2014

Citystate Travel Logo Design

There are some companies that just cannot run without a logo and without a shadow of a doubt travel agency is one of them. For travel agencies, logo’s is not just a graphical illustration, but much more than that. Travel agencies need a distinct and attractive logo design to create a unique identity in today’s highly competitive business world. Travel agency logos proficiently market and advertise the services of creating a sense of adventure in the minds of intended audience. A travel agency logo design is exclusively intended to make a professional and powerful impact on the minds of potential clients.

We are very proud to work with our client Citystate Travel on their logo design. Being one of the major corporate travel consultants in the travel industry, Citystate Travel offers several travel and tour packages to corporate all across the world. Excelling in diverse facets of corporate travel management Citystate travel offers corporate organisations several corporate theme based travel options.