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Candid Creation Book Catalogue

Tuesday, April 29th, 2014

Candid Book Catalogue

Books are very important in everyday life because they are a primary source of information which gives a historical or present insight into the period in which it was produced. The life of a good book is known to be far longer than that of a man. Books are very important to the development of a child because it not only helps them in school, but it also makes it easier for them to understand new subject matter. Reading is also important to an individual as it helps them to sort out relevant information from a pool of data that they may be presented with. It will also help a person to determine what they are interested in as they grow older. Books give us insight into stories and lives we otherwise wouldn’t be able to experience. A book also can help with vocabulary and grammar. Of course, we all judge books by their covers, but the whole design of a book is greatly important for sales function as well as form. To appeal to the potential reader, book design should reflect the content of the book — beautiful or scary, mouth-watering or serious. From a visual standpoint, the text needs to be highly readable as well as — in the case of cookbooks or textbooks or how-to books — logical to follow and use. A well-formatted and designed book is critical to your success as an author. Let’s face it, nobody likes to read a poorly formatted book. Even though you worked hard on your manuscript it may not get the attention it deserves without professional formatting to ensure the best possible reading experience for your book’s audience.

We are very proud to work with our existing client – Candid Creation Publishing for their catalogue. They provide a one-stop publishing service that takes individuals and organisations from idea to market. Candid Creation Publishing is a member of the Singapore Book Publishers Association (SBPA). To become choice of a book reader, an attractive page layout and clear composition is must. We pay enough attention on headers, pagination, title page, copyright page, dedication page, table of content, introduction, foreword, chapter numbers and titles, body of text, bulleted lists, appendices, bibliography, about the author, running header, page numbers and many others to create a polished book. We have qualified and experienced designers to fulfill your requirements so that they give the best results to you.  They have the necessary knowledge and skills to capture the essence of your book, magazine, booklet in a high-quality graphic design with which your target will feel enlightened. We can handle designs of all kinds. No matter if it is a science magazine, a novel, a manual or a cook book; we have the tools to make it succeed.

United Channel A5 Brochure

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

United Channel A5 Brochure

Advertising your company effectively requires the right kind of tools for reaching the right kind of clients. Often this entails using a variety of advertising medium, including newspaper ads, different direct mail pieces, and Internet ads. Although your company should continue a multi-faceted campaign, a brochure will help to reduce the amount of printed tools that you need. The reason is that brochure printing can be used in a variety of situations. Using a full color brochure along with your sales pitch can increase results dramatically. People like visuals. With a brochure, you can guide a client through the information so that they can see the benefits of your product. The nice thing about a brochure is that it can include enough information to dispel doubts or answer common questions without you being there. The utilization of the brochure is tied to the purpose, from which flows the entire design. Brochures can be used as a sales tool containing comprehensive specifics of the merchandise or service. Brochures that are handed out at events such as an open house, business conventions, or trade shows can expand a client list.

We are very pleased to work with our new client United Channel for their brochure design, United Channel is one of Singapore’s unique maid agency specializing in Myanmar maids. When it comes to designing a brochures it must be carefully planned and designed to elicit a satisfactory response. Many factors contribute to the brochure design they are layout, color scheme, font choice, text, and images of the promotional brochure. With our experience in assisting companies promote their products and services we know what works to make a good brochure design work for you. It is so important to get all elements of the brochure just right. We will help you work out what your message should be. We will advice you what type of photographs and images will portray the right message, what amount of text content you should use, what marketing and selling message will work best and where that should sit on your new brochure. Our business is not just about creating good looking brochures, our business is based on a commitment to helping our clients develop their business.

Marinflor A4 Brochure

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

Marinflor Brochure

One way to provide an introduction to the business is through a brochure, which corrals information, images, specifications and other technical documents into a handy format. Creativity and innovation is very much involved in preparing the brochures graphically and writing with marketing point of view. For the people’s interest, brochures are prepared using versatile format and designs. In an exhibition, with hundreds or even thousands of competitors, a professional brochure design will definitely make your company stand out from the rest. We are very proud to work with our new client – Marinflor Pte Ltd with their brochure. Marinflor Pte Ltd is a specialist contractor providing thermal insulation services to the local and international shipping community. Our experience in creating of technical brochures makes us easier to work with our clients, keeping descriptions uniform, helping to break information down into, small, bite-size pieces so that it is easy to read and understand. Come to us for you business printing & designing needs, With us you will explore your business and brand like never before!

Clothes and Dreams

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

I don’t design clothes, I design dreams.

Ralph Lauren