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Core Fitness Post Card

Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

Core Fitness Post Card

Thank you Core Fitness for their continuation collaboration after the previous two projects with us. Our client, Core Fitness Physiotherapy & Pilates Centre provides effective pain relief solutions for all kinds of musculoskeletal conditions, which treats the source of pain, not only the symptoms. The physiotherapists are well-trained in manual therapy and rehabilitation Pilates exercises. This combined approach empowers clients to take charge of their own recovery and restores their overall fitness and well-being, thus improving the quality of life and achieving their individual goals.

According to statistics, consumers spent an average of twenty-five minutes with direct mail and thirty minutes with catalogs. They actually read and spend time doing so for those that catch their eye and grab their attention. They find out about you through traditional marketing and public relations media, which then directs them to your website for more detailed information. Therefore, it is obvious to us that offline Internet Marketing Strategies are still alive!

In order to tap into that market and utilize that statistic, you can also become part of that pile of mail that your prospective consumer spends time reading. We believed that direct mail should be a pivotal point of your online marketing strategy so it is important to ensure that you have a direct mail marketing campaign to drive traffic to your website, or straight to your shop! Hence, our client’s details such as the address, contact numbers, website and Facebook page can be easily spotted on the postcard. With Design Workz, we provide Design that works for You!

United Channel A5 Flyer

Wednesday, July 16th, 2014

United A5 Flyer Design

Thank you United Channel for choosing us as their most recent collaboration partner in the designing of A5 flyers. It is our honour to be working with you once again.

United Channel Employment Agency Pte Ltd aims to help families in Singapore to get a well trained and obedient foreign domestic worker, and subsequently specialising in the recruitment of Myanmar nationals. Besides providing basics maid trainings, they also provide safety training to the maids when they are performing the household chores. United Channel has their way of conducting trainings which will enhance the maids’ ability to adapt faster to the culture of Singaporeans and help to create a harmonious relationship faster.

According to the trend, for the past five years marketing has skewed very heavily from hardcopies of advertising towards digital investment; and only now have marketers begun to realise that consumers haven’t entirely abandoned traditional media. Studies have shown that direct mail has always been an effective channel for driving customers to a business. The latest survey by TNS Singapore in September 2013 showed 91% (of consumers) will not discard direct mail out of hand, and will keep it for reference (and that) 83% enjoy receiving and reading relevant promotion direct mail. Hence, we are confident that the quality time we spent on designing will ensure that the design meets our client’s requirements and the design is creative enough to catch the eyeballs of its audience. All our projects go through different layers of quality checks, making sure that the final deliverable is spotless! Together, Design Workz brings you to more insight of the advertising world.