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Cassiopea Roll Up Banner

Friday, October 23rd, 2015

Cassiopea Roll Up Banner

We have this great opportunity to create a new Roll Up Banner design for showcasing their new product iMRS System Omnium 1. A treatment for the mind and soul in a calming effect. Product information and contact prominently features on the banner.

The great advantages of Roll Up Banner are long lasting and easy to set-up. Roll Up Banner is a cost effective advertisement. The banner can be changed whilst using the existing hardware. It is light and mobile to bring along during trade shows or just moving from one location to the other with higher traffic volume.

Allianz DL Brochure and A5 Tent Card

Thursday, October 15th, 2015


Design Workz have this great opportunity to work with Allianz in printing the DL Brochure amd A5 Tent Card for BIGBOX ready for distribution. Creating a brochure or a flyer is never easy, the amount of work went into making it appealing for customers to even have a glance let alone read and understand the message.

We have injected enough contrasting colours to make the brochure stand out. A play using the corporate colours created an interesting reading material focusing on delivering the important message across. It is simply yet interesting enough to capture the attention of the readers. Each section is clearly define without overcrowding with words. The next time you pick a brochure, have a read and see if it does attract your attention.