Are you working SMART enough?

Working hard is a good thing, but when it is not working right, your efforts may not arrive at the intended purpose. You do not need a professional consultant to tell you which direction to head, it is simply knowing and realising where you are going.

Above working hard, work SMART.

S.M.A.R.T is a mnemonics which generically stands for

Specific – Defining clearly the expected end result
Measurable – Suggesting an indicator of progress
Attainable – Exploring your or the department’s ability to reach the end result
Relevant – Understanding the importance of the end result
Trackable –
Segregating objectives in tune with a chronological system

There are many synonyms associated with these criteria for different uses. If you are reading this, apply the right synonyms for your area of expertise. SMART first appeared in 1981, in an article of a management magazine by a man named George T. Doran and his team.

He stressed that SMART, in its deepest essence, is meant to be a guideline and framework for a step, therefore not meant to justify life in life’s entirety. It is highly versatile and is adapted by many individuals and corporations today, which is also known as Key Performance Index (KPI) in the industry.

Each section of SMART hinges key questions not fixed to a certain quantity, today let us define each section when applying SMART on a goal.

Ready to get your plan in shape? This is the sport for it.


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