B2B / B2C

B2B refers to Business-to-Business, or also known as the transactions between businesses – from a manufacturer to a wholesaler, or between a wholesaler and a retailer. When marketing is done for B2B, focus is primarily on understanding what would attract organizational buyers to purchase, and how they operate. The B2B market is thirsty for information, and effective marketing material would be those that convey messages on why and how the product or service saves time, money, and/or resources.

B2C refers to Business-to-Consumer, describing businesses or activities serving end consumers with products and/or services. When marketing for the consumer, there needs to be a focus on the benefits of the product or service. Consumers generally prefer succinct, to-the-point messages instead of lengthy but logical tactics. They also prefer convenient, aesthetically pleasing and easy to use methods.

The volume of B2B transactions is usually much higher than the number of B2C transactions due to the various processes necessary before the final product is achieved. There has also been claims that B2B transactions are based more on logic, while B2C transactions are centred around emotion.

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