How to write Marketing Brief

A Marketing Brief is a document listing the expectations by a company’s marketing team regarding a finished project. It is the best way for the marketer to layout a framework for the creative team. Composing a Marketing Brief provides the proper amount of research, evaluation and planning needed to execute a successful marketing plan.

Below listed are the few tips to write a Marketing Brief

Direction and Key points – General purpose and idea of the marketing plan.

Company Review
Company Characteristics – System of operation (online customer, call centre, scheduled appointments etc.).
Competitive Environment Analysis – Identifying the industry leaders and the processes used.

Marketing Objectives
Target Market – Who is the intended customer.
Profile – Defining the “Call to Action”.
Sales Objectives – Calculate breakeven point and the top end of estimations.

Implementing Strategies
Product Strategies Product differentiations, advantages and niche components.
Price Strategies –  Defining the strongest price point.
Promotion Strategies – Plan to promote and raise awareness.

e-Marketing Strategies
Original web content, social media, online risks, email marketing, SEO & SEM.

There is nothing worse than paying for a piece of work that just doesn’t do the trick. So creating a good Marketing Brief will help the companies marketing team to do the magic.

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