KSB A4 Brochure

KSB Brochure

KSB who specialise in pumps and valves gave us this opportunity to create a brochure that features their products and services. The colour coordination and layout are in line with the corporate theme. Products are arrange in grid for a systematic display of numerous pumps and valves.

Brochures are cost effective. To achieve this, companies have to identify their target audience. That is why brochures are distributed in trade shows and seminars. A picture’s worth a thousand words and have stronger retaining power. Potential customers can rely on the information in the brochure to find out more on the products and services. A study by Bentley University professor Ian Cross in 2010 reveal that 75% considered brochures to be a useful information resource. A professionally design brochure can grab the attention of potential customers to make a smart buying decision and generate interest to the company.

It is a privilege to work with KSB.

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