Large Format Printing

Printing is best defined as a process of reproducing text and image, typically with ink on paper. While the process of printing today has been effectively expedited via modern printing methods like digital printing, homage must be paid to the origins of printing.

Printing first existed from before 220AD and spread from China to Asean countries like Japan and Korea, then later advanced to the Middle East and Europe. Suffice to say, it is evident that regardless of method, printing is widely used and has become essential to people worldwide. Of course, we have moved on from woodblock printing (the first printing method) to more modern and efficient methods – Offset / Digital Printing.

Large format printing is generally accepted as prints with widths from 17″ to 100″, and this format of printing is best used to print large posters and banners. Hence, large format printing also has the ability to handle large volumes of data to process high-speed demands, resulting in excellent productivity and meeting of professional needs promptly.

On top of catering to businesses like event organizers who frequently require banners for their events, large format print is also vital to the fine art industry. Large format printing can create fine line reproduction, vivid colours and detailed images so much so that the printed material can look almost akin to traditional photographs.

Design Workz hopes that this brief introduction to Large Format Printing will enable readers to get a better understanding of the different types of printing methods, as well as help you make an informed choice in future should the situation arise.

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