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Logo Design

To an Entrepreneur, an ‘Identity’ for your business is a must.
What ‘Identity’ do we mean?

It is about the company logo. A properly done logo design enables the business to have a professional looking brand in which the logo created can help build trust.

  • Wondering will creating a professional logo cost you a bomb?
  • Is it really necessary to distinguish your business within the industry?
  • Thought of working with freelance to cut budget, but will they deliver on time, providing professional advice in the long run?

Look no further. We are committed individuals who like to bring the design out and shine. A One Stop Solution providing Conceptualisation, Design and even Printing.

This means that you don’t need to drain your energy and time coordinating with multiple vendors to get to your end product.

We are a young team with creative ideas headed by Felicia with an engineering background. With that, she is able to direct what is thought to be boring information into something creative. We are more than able to relate to your ideas and provide professional advice. Likewise, Felicia is able to decipher technical specifications and has the team to transform them into beautiful and practical brochures to the target audience.

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