Marketing vs Advertising

Marketing vs Advertising

Advertising and Marketing appear to be similar but not the same. It is confusing. As a start, all aspects of Advertising is a small part of Marketing.
Advertising is the connectivity between the product and consumer or general public. It can be print, radio, television or online advertising.

Marketing involves planning of business activities bringing together the product owner and customers. It has a wider scope which covers Advertising, Pricing Strategy, Distribution Channel, Public Relation etc. Advertising being a small part of the Marketing, incurred the largest expenses. Barron’s Dictionary of Marketing describes it as a “paid form of a nonpersonal message communicated through various media. [It] is persuasive and informational and is designed to influence the purchasing behaviour and/or thought patterns of the audience.”

As advertising cost increases, company have to maximise their advertising dollars and the choice of media mix used to target and isolate potential customers and at the same time expose the products and services in the market. Since potential customers are bombarded with thousands of advertisements, being able to stand out from the crowd definitely have a competitive edge. By choosing to work with advertising professionals, there is a better chance of getting it right.

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