Are You Ready To Be The Next Entrepreneur? Book

Are You Ready To Be The Next Entrepreneur?

While Design Workz is undoubtedly familiar with design of book layouts, embarking on this particular project was particularly meaningful as not only was Design Workz an integral part of the project; Felicia, our Business Manager herself also contributed greatly to it.

‘Are You Ready To Be The Next Entrepreneur?’ is the combined literary effort of 31 different authors, each entrepreneurs in their own right who have courageously struck out on their own – successfully, of course. The book was penned to pay tribute to everyday entrepreneurs in society, as their struggles to success have often gone unnoticed by most of us.

It is in hopes that the stories of these 31 unsung heroes will inspire, as well as give direction to those requiring pointers in wanting to start a business of their own. Bound to strike a chord with many – look out for Felicia’s personal story on page 54! The book can be found at all major book stores.

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