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Coaching Cover

Design Workz was immensely gratified when we were approached again by Candid Creation Publishing LLP to work on the design and layout of their client’s book – Coaching In Asia. Of course, we readily acceded to their request as it was a pleasure working with them previously; and we expected this time to be no different.

Interestingly, the book is the combined literary effort of 12 authors, each well qualified with experience and wisdom gained from having lived or worked in Asia for many years. With the multiple perspectives provided, I am sure the reader would be able to find at least one suitable coaching technique that would emerge useful. 

It is evident by now that teamwork is essential in all contexts, and here at Design Workz; we are made up of a team of talented individuals melded together by passion to find out what “Workz” best for our clients. With the varied dynamics present in Design Workz, each individual will be able to tap on their best skills and together – synergy is might.

Design Workz is exceptionally heartened upon the publishing of this particular book as it marks an important milestone in the development of executive coaching in Asia, and we are very honoured to have been able to play a part in the crafting of it.

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