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Core Fitness Stationery

Upon meeting a business prospect for the first time, it is almost mandatory for each to whip out and exchange business cards. Via this act alone, we can conclude that the significance of business cards should not be trivalised. A business card is more than just a scrap of paper containing your name and contact details with display of the products / services you offer. Instead, it is your branding package condensed, and your individual promise to your client or customer.

As its name suggest, Core Fitness Physiotherapy & Pilates places an emphasis on fitness, providing services which will help improve their clients’ health. They specialise in rehab pilates, fitness pilates, physiotherapy, sports injury rehab, post surgery rehab, gyrotonics, and TRX.

The foundation of branding is in your logo. All promotional materials should effectively communicate your brand, and help clients / customers differentiate your business from competitors. After discussion, Design Workz came up with a stationery package for Core Fitness, comprising of their brand name made up in classy, attractive colours. Design Workz sincerely hopes to be able to journey along together with Core Fitness on their branding initiative.

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