PEM Confinement Nanny DL Brochure

PEM DL Brochure

Established since 1987, PEM has been Singapore No. 1 leading confinement nanny agency with a pool of around two hundred dedicated nannies to serve our clients. Not only we are the largest in our field, we are also the first Ministry of Manpower licensed employment agency that specialised in the provision of confinement lady services.

Experienced due to the high demand for PEM specialized confinement lady services, PEM nannies have a constant flow of work. This enables them to hone their skills and gain invaluable experience and knowledge by working with different personalities, requirements and needs. This helps them to adapt and adjust quickly and easily to a variety of working environments, giving new employers peace of mind.

Design Workz is pleased to design brochure for them as we know to find one good confinement nanny that you can rest assure with might not easy in Singapore, let alone a pool of them.

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