Pre-Mat A4 Product Catalogue

A Catalogue is defined as a publication of a list or itemized display; entailing articles, specifications and illustration. The catalogue could be in the form of a book or an eBook, from as little as five pages to as many as a hundred (or more), all to the client’s discretion.

We recently did a catalogue print job for our client – Pre-Mat Drilling Supplies Pte Ltd, yielded a A4 sized catalogue made up of 96 pages with listing of their equipments, parts and etc. Design Workz printed this catalogue with the PDF files given by our client.

Design Workz is able to do solely printing if furnished with the Finished Artwork (FA) if necessary. Be it Catalogues, Flyers, Folders, Banners, to even Brochures, we are confident of executing these projects smoothly. Try us out today!

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