Premiere Global Solutions Brochure & Website

Premiere Brochure

Having previously extolled on the potential benefits that may be reaped once a organisation places focus on branding, Design Workz is pleased to report that our constant reminders have not fallen on deaf ears.

Premiere Global Solutions Pte Ltd (PGS) specialises in freight forwarding, project management, warehousing and logistics services. In a nutshell, they are a reliable one-stop solution for all your freighting needs. To better boost their reputation, PGS enlisted Design Workz to design and come up with their corporate brochure and website.

The strong brand image that PGS has will definitely help their established business become even more well known, and even be seen as more reliable and trustworthy compared to an unbranded business. Given the wide repertoire of services they have, branding of their business is indeed an excellent choice as it allows them to link several products/services together, and potential clients willl also get greater exposure to all that PGS has to offer.

Premiere Website

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