The Latent Factors Book

TLF Cover

Recently, Design Workz had the pleasure of working with a publisher on his client’s book “The Latent Factors”. Design Workz was put in charge of the entire layout and cover design of the book. We are very honoured to be chosen to advise on our expertise, utilize our core services and help out in publication of the book. As said by the author himself, the best business models do not necessarily equate to innovation, but in understanding the customer and what they want.

That said, we worked closely in hand with the publisher to ensure that our end product is not only of satisfaction to them, but will also accurately represent them and help in promotion. The author says that business intelligence can come from anywhere, and picking up this book would be a good start-off point in transforming good ideas into great businesses.

We wish the author and The Latent Factors all the best!

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