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Active Red DL Flyers

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

Active Red Kickboxing Flyer

Active Red offers the latest concept in total wellness, offering a complete solution for all your health and fitness needs. Active Red offers a range of kickboxing classes, and is also the host centre for WAKO Accredited Active Kickboxing Fitness Trainer education – the most comprehensive and internationally recognised kickboxing trainer preparation course available in Singapore.

Having designed their previous marketing collaterals, Design Workz is delighted to annouce that Active Red is constantly on track and using the right methods to draw in new clients and help them improve their overall fitness.

This time, we came up with flyers to help Active Red in their promotional needs. While less comprehensive compared to brochures, flyers help transmit a specific message to a large target audience. Design Workz also ensured that the flyers had a attractive layout to ensure that the flyers will effectively help Active Red obtain the response they seek.

Active Red Personal Flyer

Design Workz is heartened that our clients are continually recognising the many avenues of good marketing, and is pleased that we are able to be part of the process.

Active Red Roll Up Banner

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

Active Red Banner

Having worked with Active Red previously, Design Workz was more than pleased to hear from them once again. Active Red believes in obtaining fitness and wellness through fresh new approaches, emphasizing that fitness is not only necessary for the obese, but for one and all to obtain a healthier lifestyle. On top of fitness training, they also offer kickboxing, chiropractic care and nutrition coaching, amongst other programmes.

As their vibrant banner suggests, a personalized exercise programme or even group classes are available – anything to best suit your needs.
Banners; using the right combination of text, colour and images, should be prominent enough to attract the attention of passersby, and to be succinct enough to provide all necessary information required.

We hope that the banner will serve Active Red well, and look forward to working with them again.

Active Red DL Brochure

Monday, February 21st, 2011

Active Red DL Brochure We recently had the pleasure of working with Active Red, an up and coming one-stop fitness hub. They have an all new wellness studio which promises to offer you solutions for all your health and fitness needs.

On top of caring for your fitness and nutrition needs, Active Red also believes in an all-rounded holistic approach dedicated to high standards of professionalism, reliability and responsibility.

Design Workz came up with an informational brochure showcasing the programs and packages that Active Red carries, providing in-depth details specific to health that will be relevant to one and all. While more information on Active Red is available online as well as at its physical location, a brochure is an compact and convenient method to notify any potential customers of what you can offer.

Active Red stresses that good fitness is vital, and they are able to tailor-make a training process for you that will not only help complete, but enhance the overall experience.

Likewise, Design Workz maintains that the designing process is paramount in good branding, and we promise to come up with a process that works best for you.