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Beyond Examination Book

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

Beyond Examination: A Journey To True Education

It is Design Workz’s pleasure to once again collaborate with Candid Creation in designing a book layout.

An inspired literature, “Beyond Examination: A Journey To True Education” allows readers to explore the current education system and how this framework of learning, from the view point of Vincent Seet. After surviving a stroke in 2011, Vincent Seet decided to leave his job to embark on his lifelong dream of becoming a published writer. His debut book, Beyond The Twilight Horizon – A New Perspective on Social Sciences offered a different perspective on life and society that showcased contemporary ideas which appealed to the non-traditionalist.

However in this upcoming publishing of the Beyond series, we find out more about the relationship between parents, teachers and students and how each role contributes to forming a highly competitive environment that emphasises on one’s ability to obtain good grades, which may calls for a revision on this education system that is fast becoming totally examination-oriented. Also, it enlighten readers on the impacts of examinations among the modern societies from the economical and sociological point of views.