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The Role of Book Cover

Tuesday, April 14th, 2015

Book Cover

A book cover is an invitation — a way of creating interest in the reader. It beckons, inviting them to enter the world of your book and dance with your characters for awhile. It makes a promise about what kind of music they’ll be dancing to. An impressive design for the cover of your book remains one of the most important steps in publishing. It is a crucial marketing tool and there is a science to getting it right. The book cover is also the start of the branding of the book. The main principles of design is the product must be bold and eye-catching and conspicuously different from everyone else’s and this applies to books too. Bookshops display books with their covers facing the reader. It’s the first thing a reader sees. Even the author can be recognised not only by the letters spelled out, but by the font, the style of cover, composition, the look of a series. Our designers typically pay careful attention to every little detail, making sure that each book cover created is both representative of the contents of the book and attention grabbing when readers are skimming the bookstore shelves.

So in conclusion, do people judge by book cover? Sadly, they do and still do!