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Million Dollar Mission Book

Monday, April 20th, 2015

Million Dollar Mission

Books play a big role in everyone’s life. There are books which challenge you. There are books that you re-read again and again because you resonate with them or they make you feel good.  

One of the important thing that made you interested in reading them is the layout too. The work of a professional can make all the difference in designing a book layout. Whether you are planning for a simple text-driven book or have many images, charts, graphs, pull quotes and sidebars to include, we will make sure your book layout is consistent with the cover design, typographically attractive, readable and engaging. Our experience with book layout ranges from the simple to the most complicated formats featuring various printing and binding techniques, paper types, removable posters, and much, much more. We are invigorated by the challenge of making a book’s interior be as spectacular as its cover. Have a look at our new  book layout – Million Dollar Mission. Whether you are a parent, an educator, a student, or a leader, this book takes you on your million dollar mission to discover your strengths, explore your career options, and deliver your best shot!

What is Life If I Don’t Live It: 52 Quotes for Conscious Living Book

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013

What is Life If I Don't Live It: 52 Quotes for Conscious Living

Design Workz is happy to work together with Candid Creation once again in designing a book layout, titled “What is Life If I Don’t Live It: 52 Quotes for Conscious Living”.

In life there are multitudes of influence all around us, but those that really matters are just a few. This book looks at the importance of life, both inspirational and philosophical, applying subtle truths throughout the book that holds deep value between thoughts and actions.

“Contemporary yet timeless”, in juxtaposition to this statement, this book is a paradox in itself, yet it concludes an abstract set of values for humankind, simple yet wise. It is a shame calling this just a book; it is a manual for happy living.

Beyond Examination Book

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

Beyond Examination: A Journey To True Education

It is Design Workz’s pleasure to once again collaborate with Candid Creation in designing a book layout.

An inspired literature, “Beyond Examination: A Journey To True Education” allows readers to explore the current education system and how this framework of learning, from the view point of Vincent Seet. After surviving a stroke in 2011, Vincent Seet decided to leave his job to embark on his lifelong dream of becoming a published writer. His debut book, Beyond The Twilight Horizon – A New Perspective on Social Sciences offered a different perspective on life and society that showcased contemporary ideas which appealed to the non-traditionalist.

However in this upcoming publishing of the Beyond series, we find out more about the relationship between parents, teachers and students and how each role contributes to forming a highly competitive environment that emphasises on one’s ability to obtain good grades, which may calls for a revision on this education system that is fast becoming totally examination-oriented. Also, it enlighten readers on the impacts of examinations among the modern societies from the economical and sociological point of views.

Fast Forward Your Customer Service

Monday, December 17th, 2012

Fast Forward Your Service

Design Workz is honoured to assist in the publication of this book, “Fast Forward Your Customer Service – 10 Steps to Achieve Exceptional Customer Satisfaction”, third book of the Fast Forward series.

Have you ever encountered bad service quality? Or perhaps you were at the receiving end of complains and dissatisfaction?

This book follows through 10 steps to enchance your customer service. When you want to do well for your business, you need to distinguish your business from average customer service quality. Highly readable and written for customer-first individual, this book will provide an indepth yet easily accessible knowledge to the variables that differentiate between excellence and average customer service.

Moving from service structure, presentability, preparation etc.. this book delivers the contemporary knowledge and advise to the best for your customers.

Fast Forward Your Etiquette Book

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

Fast Forward Your Etiquette

Design Workz is honoured to assist in the publication of this book, “Fast Forward Your Etiquette – 10 Steps to Conduct Yourself with Poise at Work & at Play”. Second book of the Fast Forward Series.

This book takes into account real life situations whereby we need to impress, both at work and at play. Being equipped with a comprehensive set of proper etiquette and good manners will not only reflect well on you as a person, it will also provide an excellent foundation for relationships to be formed.

This informative read will groom you for different situations so that you can outshine others by conducting yourselves impressively in both social and business situations. Pick up this book now and bring your etiquette skills to the next level!

Beyond the Twilight Horizon Book

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

Beyond the Twilight Horizon

Design Workz is delighted to be able to collaborate with Candid Creations once again in designing a book layout.

This inspired literature, “Beyond the Twilight Horizon” allows readers to journey within in search for one’s place in life. It also allows one to look into the intricate relationships that weave the fabric of society. The author takes on a whole new perspective on life and society and explores one’s role at home and in society, as well as explaining economic and business management issues in a manner that everyone can relate to. Illustrations are personally drawn by the author so that he can more effectively convey his message to readers.

Get this book now for an interesting read showcasing a set of contemporary ideas which would definitely captivate the non-traditionalist amongst us.

Bon Ami A4 Booklet

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

Bon Ami Booklet

Design Workz is pleased to be aquainted with Bon Ami through Candid Creation Publishing LLP. Bon Ami, is a French word with the meaning of “Good Friends”. It is a business networking platform that holds the like-minded people together to build strong friendship at the same time supporting each other to grow their business.

Bon Ami has organised a Dinner and Dance for entrepreneurs to get together. The event, “Gala Dinner 2011 – Glamorous Night, Wonderful Friendship” aims to foster relationships and gather business owners and professionals to network with each other.

Design Workz is thankful to be part of this event and look forward to more opportunities to success better in our business endeavours.

Are You Ready To Be The Next Entrepreneur? Book

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

Are You Ready To Be The Next Entrepreneur?

While Design Workz is undoubtedly familiar with design of book layouts, embarking on this particular project was particularly meaningful as not only was Design Workz an integral part of the project; Felicia, our Business Manager herself also contributed greatly to it.

‘Are You Ready To Be The Next Entrepreneur?’ is the combined literary effort of 31 different authors, each entrepreneurs in their own right who have courageously struck out on their own – successfully, of course. The book was penned to pay tribute to everyday entrepreneurs in society, as their struggles to success have often gone unnoticed by most of us.

It is in hopes that the stories of these 31 unsung heroes will inspire, as well as give direction to those requiring pointers in wanting to start a business of their own. Bound to strike a chord with many – look out for Felicia’s personal story on page 54! The book can be found at all major book stores.

Tang Dynasty Tangren New Chinese Huaren Book

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

Tang Dynasty Tangren

At Design Workz, we strongly believe in constant self-improvement, and we are proud to declare that we actively engage and leap at opportunities that may help us do so.

While we are no stranger in creating book layouts, we relish every opportunity as we believe that each and every one is a new learning experience for us. Several factors must be considered to achieve a exceptional good layout – font type and size, page alignment, and etc – are essential considerations.

As the title suggests; the 160 page book touches on golden periods in China and provides in-depth knowledge of China’s history. Great insight is also provided on religion, philosophy, current affairs, and even politics. Bearing in mind that Buddhism is one of the three main religions in the world, particularly in Asia, this book is bound to attract many religious people. In our new millenium, China has proved great human and physical growth, becoming the world’s second largest economy. Economists or simply anyone interested to gain more wordly knowledge should definitely pick up this book.

Fast Forward Your Makeup Book

Monday, July 18th, 2011

FF Your MakeupOn top of other types of projects, Design Workz greatly appreciates the chance to work on book layouts as it not only enables us to improve on our skill set, the book itself will also open our eyes and empower us with more knowledge.

This time, Design Workz had the opportunity to work on “Fast Forward Your Makeup – 10 Steps to Create the Winning Look at Work and at Play”. The comprehensive book on makeup written by an acclaimed aesthetics coach complete with detailed instructions and vibrant images will give even the uninitiated a good introduction to the wonders of makeup.

Design Workz is sure that this book will be useful to many women, and encourages everyone regardless of gender to pick up this book for an informative read.

My Friend-Ships Book

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

My Friend-Ships

Design Workz is no stranger to book layouts, and when presented with an opportunity to collaborate with a familiar publisher, we leapt at the chance.

The title, “My Friend-Ships” is indeed a clever pun – as the book’s storyline encompasses both ships and friendships. The cheerful illustrative cover is also a good indication of the target audience – children are sure to love the book with its clever explanations about ships that are usually technical and hard to understand, and the accompanying descriptive sketches inside the book make it easier for children to get a clearer picture.

Design Workz is grateful to have been given the opportunity to contribute to the book layout, and encourages everyone to pick up this book for a animated and informative read.

Fly Free Book

Monday, December 6th, 2010

Fly Free

On our third time collaboration with Candid Creations Publishing LLP, Design Workz embarked once again on the overall book design and layout for our client. Success is not only made up of repeating tried-and-tested measures, but also in learning something new with each new experience. Hence, it was made sure that the typeface and overall look and feel of the book was suitable to its content. There are also lively illustrations and quotes that make the whole reading experience an easy one.

Unlike the previous two books, the book is written is a light-hearted, narrative manner than recounts the author’s life in detail. It is particularly refreshing as it acts as an self-help book, but can be devoured like a storybook which gives an refreshing perspective, instead of other books which are harder to comprehend.

A quirky combination of psychology, religion, and just general facts about life – this book manages to condense all important lessons and provide direction for those who seek. It has also provided insight to Design Workz, and for that; we are deeply grateful.