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Xindex Electronics Logo Design

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

Xindex Electronics Logo Design

Did we mention that a lot of new companies are starting up? I sure hope is a good sign. Well, another company that we did logo design for them. This time, it is an electronics company. We had did quite a lot of logo designs over the years across various industries and companies. Some people may ask do we have any experience in that particular industry or not. The question is not about did we do before or not but rather, are we able to understand you correctly to work on a specific project. To deliver what you needed, that is more crucial.

Some companies had approached us due to good reviews and not based on related industries that we have done. As a result, they liked us very much. So what is the verdict here? I should leave it to you to ponder…

Euro R Trading Logo Design

Friday, May 3rd, 2013

Euro R Trading

Euro R Trading is a company that deals with import and export for electronics products such as laptop and handphones. It deals mainly with online customers which is a recent trend now in our society. Everyone buys online and sits at the comfort of our homes waiting for delivery. It is easy to buy online now with more and more website portals coming up with online shopping feature giving a huge boast to online sales and business.

Are you catching up with the trend? Is your website equipped with online shopping cart? Else talk to us today to discuss what options that you can have now…

Axcon Logo Design

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

Axcon Logo

Axcon International Pte Ltd is a trading company in import & export stainless steel and other other raw metals between Europe and Asia countries. Coming from Switzerland background, a flag is requested to incorporate into the logo.

Design Workz is pleased to design the logo base on the colour scheme originating from their industries that they worked with to add a touch to final output. The client is extremely happy with the logo and we enjoyed the process. Therefore we hope to have more projects coming…

Aspire Marine Logo Design

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Aspire Marine Logo

A logo is commonly used amongst organizations, commercial enterprises to aid the business.

Logos can be made up of signs, icons, text, and/or icons. It may be a particularly good idea to use both images and the company name in the logo, to re-emphasize and support the graphic. An original design for logo construction is essential for company branding, and is a good representation of the company itself and may help foster good customer recognition.

After careful deliberation and valuable input from our client, Design Workz came up with a specially crafted logo characteristic of them. Strong colours of the logo, as well as the sharp and clean outlook embodies Aspire Marine’s work and values. We certainly hope that our client is as pleased with their logo as we are, and that it will aid them well in all future ventures.