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An innovation way to a normal procedure?

Monday, October 25th, 2010

We all know that when we are on the plane, the flight attendants will all inform us of the safety features and procedure to take note when we are on board. However as it is usually typical and boring, we usually do not take note of it at all.. until Cebu Pacific came up with something new this time round. Can I say say that it is an innovative way to beat daily routine?

I think I can safely say not just the passengers, even the flight attendants will be excited to present their dance routine. It is not only a win-win situation which attracts the attention of the passengers, and also brings up the morale of the staffs.

How can you add that little bit of spice to your daily work rountine? It can just be a simple change but can bring about amazing effect. Lastly, do have a pleasant flight if you are flying soon…