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Signs of a disaster?

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

Much as we love to have more clients, however after so many years in the industry. There are certain clients that we have to turn down to. First of all, there are clients who think they know what they want already and to ask for a reduced price. They claim that they have everything in their head and just need someone with the Mac or the required software and skills to re-produce it. Sad to say, what you think in your head and what you see thereafter might not work. Often when we think in our head, we can only visualize this much and we tend to miss out certain details, not unless you are trained for it. Therefore when you created it out on hard copy, it tend to fall short of what you expected therefore resulting in more changes or correction or even change of concept entirely wasting even more time.

By saying that, I am not saying clients can’t offer certain ideas or concepts, of course they can. You can tell us what is your preferred look and feel and we can work in that particular direction and etc. Or if you have a particular design concept that you know might work or seen that it was already being achieved. However, it also depends if it works in that particular project or not. You may have certain elements or text that need to be in the artwork, however is the suggested concept suitable or not, let us work it out. After all, that is what we are being hired for, isn’t it? Else it defeat the purpose as well for us to come in and work on the project?