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Thinking out of the box?

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

One often feels the need to have ‘think out of the box’ ideas when suggestions start getting stale and analogous, also breeding frustration and lack of productivity as there is a darth of new ideas.

Thinking out of the box is more than just innovative new ideas; it is thinking unconventionally from a new perspective. More importantly, providing creative ideas that work.

However, there are a few factors we must bear in mind before thinking out of the box – and easy as it may be to pen these few points, it is unfortunate that we may not be able to do so in every situation due to the limitations that may be present in each situation.

For clients, associates, and everyone in general:
How willing are you to accept new ideas and perspectives?
Staff may be willing to accept new changes, but bear in mind that projects are unable to proceed without the approval go-ahead by bosses.
On top of willingness, how feasible are these ideas? Will they incorporate well into your project or other projects that are concurrently running?
One needs to ensure that every step and procedure will aid the complete project and fall nicely in place.
Will the new ideas conform to the company’s corporate identity and add value to your plans?
The boss’s approval must be sought before radical changes are made, otherwise it may result in double work for staff.

To sum it up, thinking out of the box and coming up with ingenious solutions may be novel and a breath of fresh air. However, what is more important is the openess and willingness of both parties to communicate and rise up to the challenge of coming to an agreement between what works, and what appeals.

Design Workz promise to work hand in hand with our clients and partners to achieve that delicate balance, and would greatly appreciate your alliance.