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KSB Aftermarket A4 Brochure

Monday, December 28th, 2015

KSB Aftermarket Brochure

KSB Singapore, a leading global manufacturer for pump, valve and system, has a new brochure featuring after market on pumps, valves and services. Design Workz continue with the white based background creating a seemless flow from the first brochure. Creating a consistant design scheme allows the reader capture their branding presence through all products and services featured in this brochure. To see what they wanted in a distinctively clean, clear and segregated layout.

It is important to let your client/ target audience know your presence in the market. In order to maximise the value of every marketing dollar, a brochure has to clearly define its objectives and what it is trying to achieve without too much information. It is also to gain trust and confidence from the audience showcasing the clarity of your products and ability of the action to reinforce this claim. It is directly building to the brand image.

By bringing all these important features to a well design brochure, this will make the whole experience more “up scale”. It will have its own character that ultimately bring recognition to the brand image.

Allianz DL Brochure and A5 Tent Card

Thursday, October 15th, 2015


Design Workz have this great opportunity to work with Allianz in printing the DL Brochure amd A5 Tent Card for BIGBOX ready for distribution. Creating a brochure or a flyer is never easy, the amount of work went into making it appealing for customers to even have a glance let alone read and understand the message.

We have injected enough contrasting colours to make the brochure stand out. A play using the corporate colours created an interesting reading material focusing on delivering the important message across. It is simply yet interesting enough to capture the attention of the readers. Each section is clearly define without overcrowding with words. The next time you pick a brochure, have a read and see if it does attract your attention.

JCST Technology A4 Brochure

Wednesday, November 19th, 2014

JCST Brochure

JCST Technology invited us to design a brochure for their brand – Yashica which include flashes, tripods, filters, cleaning accessories and many more.

As with all professional equipments, black colour cover is preferred. Products are arrange in a zig-zag pattern, inline and multiple angles to increase product features, easy comparison and information. Large graphics and essential product information prevent readers from being overwhelmed and confused. It is easy to read both for retailers and consumers.

It is our pleasure to work with JCST Technology.

KSB A4 Brochure

Wednesday, October 8th, 2014

KSB Brochure

KSB who specialise in pumps and valves gave us this opportunity to create a brochure that features their products and services. The colour coordination and layout are in line with the corporate theme. Products are arrange in grid for a systematic display of numerous pumps and valves.

Brochures are cost effective. To achieve this, companies have to identify their target audience. That is why brochures are distributed in trade shows and seminars. A picture’s worth a thousand words and have stronger retaining power. Potential customers can rely on the information in the brochure to find out more on the products and services. A study by Bentley University professor Ian Cross in 2010 reveal that 75% considered brochures to be a useful information resource. A professionally design brochure can grab the attention of potential customers to make a smart buying decision and generate interest to the company.

It is a privilege to work with KSB.

Win Yang A4 Brochure

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

Win Yang Brochure

Win Way International Holdings Limited was founded in 2011 and traded successfully for 17 years as the Seam (Asia) Co., Ltd. In 2011, Alex Yang, CEO of the company realigned its vision – now expanding into the aspiration sphere. Its strategy is designed to operate within the business complying with the current legislation and to capitalize on the opportunities afforded therein the government of China, Vietnam, Malaysia etc. The business traded include Jet Fuel (JP54), Russian Gas Oil, Gas Oil (D2), Fuel Oil (M100-75), Palm Olein (CP10), product of neutral raw material, etc.

Design Workz is pleased to be able to design Win Yang Brochure which showcase the range of products and services that they offer. We hope that this handy and informative brochure will serve Win Yang well and aid them in getting new prospects!

Premiere Global Solutions Brochure & Website

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

Premiere Brochure

Having previously extolled on the potential benefits that may be reaped once a organisation places focus on branding, Design Workz is pleased to report that our constant reminders have not fallen on deaf ears.

Premiere Global Solutions Pte Ltd (PGS) specialises in freight forwarding, project management, warehousing and logistics services. In a nutshell, they are a reliable one-stop solution for all your freighting needs. To better boost their reputation, PGS enlisted Design Workz to design and come up with their corporate brochure and website.

The strong brand image that PGS has will definitely help their established business become even more well known, and even be seen as more reliable and trustworthy compared to an unbranded business. Given the wide repertoire of services they have, branding of their business is indeed an excellent choice as it allows them to link several products/services together, and potential clients willl also get greater exposure to all that PGS has to offer.

Premiere Website

L. Line A4 Brochure

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

L. Line BrochureL. Line Technology was founded in 2003, and since then has been one of the fastest growing precision engineering company. On top of its offices in Singapore, L. Line has presence in many other South East Asian countries, with headquarters in Thailand. L. Line has positioned itself well to serve a international market.

When approached by them to come up with a corporate brochure, Design Workz ensured that the end result was one that was representative and complete. Standing at a modest A4 size spanning four pages, we worked with the information provided by L. Line and created a brochure which was able to succinctly and adequately introduce the company, share their scope of work, introduce their services, and highlight their expertise. All that combined with images and an appropriate colour scheme will enable them to efficiently present themselves to potential customers and attract new ones.

While it is undeniable that the internet is a useful tool for advertising, this brochure is also more portable and easier to refer to, which may provide L. Line Technology with an advantage as there are indeed still people who prefer conventional advertising strategies.

Approach Design Workz today and let us help you determine which advertising and marketing methods will work best for you and your business!

Assential A4 Brochure & Website

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Assential Brochure With its roots in Singapore since 2003, Assential (Singapore) Private Limited specializes in Visa and Immigration Services and also flaunts a whole repertoire of services at your disposal. Suffice to say, they have definitely helped many companies optimize their workforce, both locally and globally.

Given their practicality of purposes and propitious economic conditions, it is only fitting that they appointed Design Workz to help design and produce brochures and their company website. As the image on their brochure suggests, Assential is not only a company to think of for your global mobility needs, they also ensure that each piece of the puzzle fits perfectly – ensuring a seamless experience for you.

Assential Website

Their corporate website was designed to give off a vibrant yet sleek look and feel, at the same time maintaining professionalism and ease of navigation. Do check them out should you require their services!

Offset / Digital Printing

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Offset Printing, also known as Lithography; is best defined quite literally as writing with stones. The image to be printed will be engraved on a flat plate and then inked when it comes into contact with paper. The plate will then be flushed with water so ink will only be adhered to the engraved areas of the plate, as the lithographic process of the repulsion of oil and water keeps the non-printing areas ink free.

Offset Printing is able to print on sizes larger than A3, and is recommended for larger quantities (more than 1000) to be economical. Sharp and clean high quality print can be ensured and little maintainence is required if this type of print is chosen. As such, Offset Printing is also one of the most common methods of printing today. We recommend Offset Printing if your image contains fine lines, photographs, screens or tints.

Digital Printing refers to high speed laser printing, often utilizing a state-of-the-art digital colour copier using a single source of concentrated light to expose the image on to photosensitive material. Electrically charged toner will then be attracted to the image and the toner particles are then transferred to paper when in contact with heat or pressure. It is a very fast method of printing as the print is dried instantly.

Digital Print is typically for low print run, hence recommended for smaller quantities and can only print up to a maximum of A3 size. It prints directly from digital files and no film is involved at all. Compared to Offset Printing, the content can be more easily changed, translating to lower wastage and personalization. There is also a significantly shorter lead time. Digital Prints work well on paper or canvas.

The aim of this post is not to determine which method of printing is better, but in hopes of giving readers a better insight of the different methods of printing; and which method to choose to suit their needs. We hope that this post has been useful to you and should you need further clarifications or more tips, Design Workz will be pleased to help you out.