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Does Direct Mail works?

Friday, October 4th, 2013

Direct mailing is a way of advertising mail printed ads, letters or other solicitations to the customers. Advertisers have found direct mail appealing for a number of reasons. It takes their message directly to the consumer, while consumers might walk away from a television ad or flip past a newspaper ad, they will eventually open their mailbox. Advertisers also like that they can direct their message the way they want it. By receiving the mail at home or office, direct mail puts the advertiser message in the hands of the consumer at the time the consumer might be likely to read it, along with the rest of the mail.

Direct mail campaigns can generate leads, promote special offers, support other campaigns, communicate with customer and raise your visibility in your market. In comparison to emails sent, direct mail has more chances of receiving response from the customer because customers may deleted the email seeing it as junk mail but whereas they will open the envelope to see what is inside.

But does Direct Mail works?

Marketers now use a variety of techniques to ensure that the receipient open their envelope. One of the best example is the Direct mail campaign by ABSOLUT Vodka newest super premium vodka range, ABSOLUT Elyx. A beautifully sourced box was sent to 300 invited guests. Within the box was a single blank key that was yet to be cut into shape. The only thing told to the receipient was to turn up at the exhibition and present the blank key to the key smith. The master key smith then cut the key on the spot to allow the guest to unlock the secret door hidden behind a wall at the end of the exhibition space. This direct mailer generated so much response that more than 700 guests trying to get into the secret party and within four days their Facebook page fans number jumped from 600 to 4,872 fans, along with 6,372 unique microsite and Youtube views.

So Direct Mail does and still works, however only when it is targeted to the right customer with the right innovative ideas.