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Allianz DL Brochure and A5 Tent Card

Thursday, October 15th, 2015


Design Workz have this great opportunity to work with Allianz in printing the DL Brochure amd A5 Tent Card for BIGBOX ready for distribution. Creating a brochure or a flyer is never easy, the amount of work went into making it appealing for customers to even have a glance let alone read and understand the message.

We have injected enough contrasting colours to make the brochure stand out. A play using the corporate colours created an interesting reading material focusing on delivering the important message across. It is simply yet interesting enough to capture the attention of the readers. Each section is clearly define without overcrowding with words. The next time you pick a brochure, have a read and see if it does attract your attention.

Musikal Genesis DL Brochure & Roll Up Banner

Tuesday, May 5th, 2015

Musikal Genesis DL Brochure

A very common mini brochure is the A4 folded to DL size. You can put a lot of information on it and folded down to the DL brochure to send out easily. DL stands for Dimension Lengthwise. They are an ideal format to produce a compact and distinctive brochure or booklet. These popular DL brochures are perfect for promoting products and important information. We can make use of all 6 panels to capture the eye of the customer and maximise the advertising potential that this handy brochure offer. DL brochure is most often used for containing a summarised or introduction to a company, however they could also be used for providing information. Brochure printing is the window to your business which is why it is so important to get it right. Everything about a brochure reflects your business – the paper, finish, style and design.

Musikal Genesis Roll Up Banner

One of the other marketing tool is the roll up banner. The roll up banner is extremely popular because it offers a full-length visual area that is enticing to onlookers and passersby. It makes a great marketing tool. It is also easy to set up and takes only a few minutes to assemble. It is portable and can be kept in a compact carrying bag. It is also lightweight and suitable for hand-carrying to events. We are very happy to design our new client Musikal Genesis DL brochure & roll up banner. In this way, we can keep a consistent look and feel across both collaterals. We have the options to really make your brochure, roll up banner meet the demands of today’s marketplace.

Gin Thye DL Brochure

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

Gin Thye DL Brochure

One of the most practical brochure¬†is DL size brochure. A DL brochure design fits snugly into tourist office leaflet holders and into standard business envelopes for quick distribution direct to customers. The DL brochure is a cost-effective way of distributing any important promotional message amongst the companies active customer list. The DL brochure’s long thin shape lends itself brilliantly to a whole range of different uses. Business DL brochure printing is most often used for containing a summarized or introduction to a company, however they could also be used for promoting. Custom DL brochure printing could take several forms. They may be simply a folded sheet of paper, or a bunch of pages bound together.

We are proud to create tri fold DL brochure for our new client – Gin Thye Cake Maker. Our success comes from helping our customers be successful. Our Brochure Design Experts believe not just doing their job/task work, but they also explore their abilities to show innovative ideas and something new in brochure designs. With our brochure design experts and a vast range of printing techniques available from us, your printed brochure will become a real standout.