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Active Red DL Flyers

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

Active Red Kickboxing Flyer

Active Red offers the latest concept in total wellness, offering a complete solution for all your health and fitness needs. Active Red offers a range of kickboxing classes, and is also the host centre for WAKO Accredited Active Kickboxing Fitness Trainer education – the most comprehensive and internationally recognised kickboxing trainer preparation course available in Singapore.

Having designed their previous marketing collaterals, Design Workz is delighted to annouce that Active Red is constantly on track and using the right methods to draw in new clients and help them improve their overall fitness.

This time, we came up with flyers to help Active Red in their promotional needs. While less comprehensive compared to brochures, flyers help transmit a specific message to a large target audience. Design Workz also ensured that the flyers had a attractive layout to ensure that the flyers will effectively help Active Red obtain the response they seek.

Active Red Personal Flyer

Design Workz is heartened that our clients are continually recognising the many avenues of good marketing, and is pleased that we are able to be part of the process.