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Fly Free Book

Monday, December 6th, 2010

Fly Free

On our third time collaboration with Candid Creations Publishing LLP, Design Workz embarked once again on the overall book design and layout for our client. Success is not only made up of repeating tried-and-tested measures, but also in learning something new with each new experience. Hence, it was made sure that the typeface and overall look and feel of the book was suitable to its content. There are also lively illustrations and quotes that make the whole reading experience an easy one.

Unlike the previous two books, the book is written is a light-hearted, narrative manner than recounts the author’s life in detail. It is particularly refreshing as it acts as an self-help book, but can be devoured like a storybook which gives an refreshing perspective, instead of other books which are harder to comprehend.

A quirky combination of psychology, religion, and just general facts about life – this book manages to condense all important lessons and provide direction for those who seek. It has also provided insight to Design Workz, and for that; we are deeply grateful.