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5 Ways to make your Business more Professional

Wednesday, August 10th, 2016


Starting a business often means starting from scratch – with no IT department to set up your email or a professional writer to craft content. Most budding entrepreneurs would use their current resources, such as personal email address and phone number for business interactions.

Once business starts picking up, it is time to get a professional outlook, which mainly focuses on branding. As your brand represents the image of your business, it is defined by the elements that sets you apart from your competitors. To differentiate yourself from the rest, every little detail counts.

Here are five quick and easy steps to get from “brand new” to “branded.”

1. Get your own Domain Name

You need a quick and memorable way for people to find you. There are many platforms that offer free domain names when you sign an account with them, but that would usually mean a long or impersonal URL. This might work for getting up and running quickly, but you’ll definitely want to switch to your own private domain name as soon as possible so as to make it accessible for consumers. Try keeping your domain name short and sweet as consumers are most likely to remember a simple one, as opposed to a complicated URL.

2. Setup a Business Email Account

To maintain professionalism and consistent branding, scrape using your personal Yahoo! or Gmail address. Send and receive emails from your customers through a business email address using your domain name or a reliable email provider. Email addresses are a lot like domain names. Many online services provide add-on complimentary email service, but you’ll likely want to set up with a dedicated email provider to get the best possible features and reliability.

3. Print your Business Card professionally

Business cards are an excellent tool for word-of-mouth marketing and has morphed into an essential in the corporate world. As your business develops, find yourself a printing company (like us) to design and print your business cards. Your brand image would be alleviated as opposed to printing them by yourself with self ink cartridges at home.

4. Website

In today’s world, more consumers are going online and seek products and services through the internet. Your business would gain instant credibility upon having a website, as consumers would then have greater confidence through the information shown. Because of it’s 24 hour accessibility, potential customers can browse your website any time of the day – which leads to targeting a wider market.

5. Stop trying to be a Web Designer

Of course, if you actually are a web designer you can skip this one. Otherwise, take note. Web design and graphic design are rather technical fields with a lot of study about how design and functionality intersect to create a great user experience. Getting a professional, usable and beautiful website without any coding has never been easier! Most online services offer you a selection of pre-designed templates to help make your site look professional and attractive as well as easy to use too.

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Graphic Design

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009

What is Graphic Design?

According to, ‘graphic design’ is defined as “the art or profession of visual communication that combines images, words, and ideas to convey information to an audience.”

As stated above, a graphic designer does the layout to relay the intended message across to the audience but also ensuring that it is aesthetically-appealing at the same time. Sounds easy? Think again.

Firstly, more often than not, clients would approach you without proper text or even dull content. Images that they provide may also be in poor quality or in the size of a stamp expecting it to be blown up to A5 or even A4 size. Sounds ridiculous? Well, that’s life. Graphic designers like us are often perceived as like having ‘magic hands’ and thus would be able to churn out wonderful Final Artworks (FA) with those limited resources; without any traces of its humble background. In fact, a successfully well-executed artwork will indeed be able to overcome all these problems, but that is not easy to achieve every time! However, clients are taking those ‘lucky moments’ for granted and are expecting the designers to present marvellous work each and every time, irregardless of what resources they are provided with.

Secondly, by looking at another definition of ‘graphic design’ (as a noun), it refers to a form of visual communication media made possible through the skilful execution of combinating text and images. Doing which requires a professional and experienced graphic designer who is by no means dispensable nor replaceable by any other designers; for every design concept and its originator (the designer) is unique! ;p