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Is the customer always right?

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

I used to think so – that the customer is always right. However, after 6 years in business, I have realised that try as you may to comprehend their needs, some individuals just have unattainable rationales.

Citing some examples, a client signed on the final artwork on the design project, but later expressed disagreement over the printing price. Ultimately, the client refused to pay for the design fees and argued for the project to be cancelled. In another scenario, a client approved the initial design and all pages were designed and completed. When payment was to be addressed and agreed upon however, the client mentioned that his boss did not approve the inital design and concept to start with.

I’m not saying that I’m right all the time, but neither am I unreasonable. Aren’t projects should only proceed when given the ‘go ahead’ by the bosses. Of course, I do agree that staffs want to prove their capabilities to their bosses too. However, showing the boss the completed artwork 6 months after the invoice has been issued; is that fair to us now? We tried to work it out with the client together, suggesting an alternative design concept in hopes of making the situation better. However, improving the situation is impossible when we failed to reach the client either via phone or email.

We value all our clients and hope to be able to work together to create the best experience for each and every one. Regardless of whether our efforts bear fruit, I can only say; we’ve tried our best.

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