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KSB Calendar 2012

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

KSB Calendar 2012

Design Workz is heartened by the opportunity of creating a new corporate calender for KSB Singapore (Asia Pacific) Pte. Ltd, for the year 2012.

KSB is a leading provider of pumps, valves, systems and services. It delivers maximum customer satisfaction in the industrial, water engineering, energy, mining and building services sectors. With more than 30 manufacturing sites, plus marketing companies and agencies in over 100 countries, KSB is a true global player.

Design Workz has meticulously incorporated the images provided by KSB into their calender. Customising the design and colours of business calendars can successfully portray your business image and leads to a better reputatation to existing customers as well as attracting new potential customers.

Start customising your business calendars now as this effective marketing tool creates a smooth flow of information with regards to the company’s services and products.