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Matt / Gloss Lamination

Friday, February 11th, 2011

Lamination refers to the process of coating the printed sheet with a extremely thin layer of plastic film, giving it a additional dimension. In general, lamination offers enhanced imaging and enhanced protection for your documents, preventing tearing and creasing. Lamination also seals in the print completely; hence areas of large solid ink are less liable to cause marking (set-off).

Matt Lamination gives off a subtle, tactile effect, but offers less protection when compared to Gloss Lamination, rendering it more susceptible to fingerprints and scratches from fingernails. Hence, Matt Lamination is primarily used for brochures, leaflets, and postcards, amongst many others.

Gloss Lamination adds a high gloss sheen to the print, providing a distinctively more luxurious touch and feel, and is the option to choose if the print in question is constantly exposed to wear and tear. That said, Gloss Lamination is generally used for menus, brochure covers, magazine covers and even folders.

Regardless of B2B or B2C, lamination of your printed documents is highly advantageous. The choice of matt or gloss however, lies in who is your target audience. B2B generally prefersĀ Matt Lamination for its palpable outlook, and B2C will opt for Gloss Lamination for its hardy yet intricate exterior. Should you need further clarification regarding which option to choose, Design Workz will be pleased to acquiesce.