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Etere Roll Up Banner

Tuesday, May 19th, 2015

Etere Banner

Roll up banner are one of the best advertising tools available in the present market. Roll up banners in a exhibition will help generate interest in the company’s product and build brand awareness. Vibrant color graphics and ease of use also make roll up banners a great solution for conventions and traveling salesperson. The trade shows and events are usually attended by a large crowd and it is important that the company provide proper directions to the visitors towards their stand and let them know about their products. Roll up banners can also be used  to attract the passersby to the companies exhibition booth through directional arrows and colourful images.  One of the most effective advantages of the roll up banners is the portability of it. The banner is retractable and so you can carry them easily. You can fold the banner and keep it anywhere, stored for the next use.

We are very happy to work with our new client Etere on their roll up banner design. We design high quality custom roll up banners for any usage. Our banners are designed from scratch based on your requirements. We take great care in the designs we produce to ensure that your ultimate aim is achieved.

Musikal Genesis DL Brochure & Roll Up Banner

Tuesday, May 5th, 2015

Musikal Genesis DL Brochure

A very common mini brochure is the A4 folded to DL size. You can put a lot of information on it and folded down to the DL brochure to send out easily. DL stands for Dimension Lengthwise. They are an ideal format to produce a compact and distinctive brochure or booklet. These popular DL brochures are perfect for promoting products and important information. We can make use of all 6 panels to capture the eye of the customer and maximise the advertising potential that this handy brochure offer. DL brochure is most often used for containing a summarised or introduction to a company, however they could also be used for providing information. Brochure printing is the window to your business which is why it is so important to get it right. Everything about a brochure reflects your business – the paper, finish, style and design.

Musikal Genesis Roll Up Banner

One of the other marketing tool is the roll up banner. The roll up banner is extremely popular because it offers a full-length visual area that is enticing to onlookers and passersby. It makes a great marketing tool. It is also easy to set up and takes only a few minutes to assemble. It is portable and can be kept in a compact carrying bag. It is also lightweight and suitable for hand-carrying to events. We are very happy to design our new client Musikal Genesis DL brochure & roll up banner. In this way, we can keep a consistent look and feel across both collaterals. We have the options to really make your brochure, roll up banner meet the demands of today’s marketplace.

Blossom Aspiration Door Sticker

Wednesday, July 4th, 2012


Blossom Aspiration Centre LLP is made up from Blossom Edugroup have been providing quality childcare in Singapore since 2002 across five centre island-wide. By constantly updating their curriculum, they offer the most innovative and effective pre-school programmer that caters to children with varying learning abilities and different learning styles. Their full day, half day and flexi-programmes are offered to children at Playgroup, Nursery and Kindergarden.

Design Workz is to come up with a sticker design to be used on their main door information of their operating hours and contacts for parents and new applicants. For the sticker below represents of Blossom childcare centre sunshine kids with harmony.

Core Fitness Lightbox

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

Core Fitness Lightbox

Having meticulously designed a stationery package which consists of Logo Design, Business Card Design and Letterhead Design for Core Fitness, a new business start up, we are thankful to know that our client is appreciative and satisfied with our services. This time, we designed a lightbox for Core Fitness to assist with their advertising initiatives.

Lightboxes are generally recognised as one of the the most effective advertising mediums available. The utilisation of both illumination and colour is appealing to the eyes and are more inclined to capture the consumer’s attention. The advantages of these lightboxes is that they comes in various sizes, attractive designs and do not consume a large amount of energy.

Business owners who strive to promote their products and services should absolutely consider the Lightbox. Feel free to contact us for more information!

Large Format Printing

Friday, September 9th, 2011

Printing is best defined as a process of reproducing text and image, typically with ink on paper. While the process of printing today has been effectively expedited via modern printing methods like digital printing, homage must be paid to the origins of printing.

Printing first existed from before 220AD and spread from China to Asean countries like Japan and Korea, then later advanced to the Middle East and Europe. Suffice to say, it is evident that regardless of method, printing is widely used and has become essential to people worldwide. Of course, we have moved on from woodblock printing (the first printing method) to more modern and efficient methods – Offset / Digital Printing.

Large format printing is generally accepted as prints with widths from 17″ to 100″, and this format of printing is best used to print large posters and banners. Hence, large format printing also has the ability to handle large volumes of data to process high-speed demands, resulting in excellent productivity and meeting of professional needs promptly.

On top of catering to businesses like event organizers who frequently require banners for their events, large format print is also vital to the fine art industry. Large format printing can create fine line reproduction, vivid colours and detailed images so much so that the printed material can look almost akin to traditional photographs.

Design Workz hopes that this brief introduction to Large Format Printing will enable readers to get a better understanding of the different types of printing methods, as well as help you make an informed choice in future should the situation arise.

Active Red Roll Up Banner

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

Active Red Banner

Having worked with Active Red previously, Design Workz was more than pleased to hear from them once again. Active Red believes in obtaining fitness and wellness through fresh new approaches, emphasizing that fitness is not only necessary for the obese, but for one and all to obtain a healthier lifestyle. On top of fitness training, they also offer kickboxing, chiropractic care and nutrition coaching, amongst other programmes.

As their vibrant banner suggests, a personalized exercise programme or even group classes are available – anything to best suit your needs.
Banners; using the right combination of text, colour and images, should be prominent enough to attract the attention of passersby, and to be succinct enough to provide all necessary information required.

We hope that the banner will serve Active Red well, and look forward to working with them again.

Football Association of Singapore Event

Monday, November 1st, 2010

Design Workz recently had the pleasure to undertake a project assigned by the Football Association of Singapore (FAS); their annual event – FAS Charity Golf Challenge (October 2010). The funds garnered from this cause will aid children from low-income families, helping women and youth develop talent in football, as well as providing transport for football-loving elderly citizens to the sporting stadiums.

Design Workz was crucial in publicity of the event as we had a role in the designing, printing as well as installation of the publicity material. The brochure was designed as such to be succinct yet accurately representative of FAS and appealing enough to attract visitors and donors. We also came up with a Stage Backdrop that was also used as the overall Event Backdrop, the large-scale standee was not only directive, but also prominent in attracting the curious.

FAS Stage Backdrop

Additionally, a sturdy Welcome Board was also designed by us and firmly set-up, acting as a backdrop where visitors of the event could take pictures for keepsake purposes, as it is indeed a memorable event for a good cause. Boards for the host sponsors were also erected in place where they tee-ed off and got a hole in one, proudly displaying the individual’s achievement.

FAS Stage Backdrop

We thank FAS for giving us the opportunity to be part of such a meritorious cause, and wish them success in their deeply laudable attempts to enrich the lives of the less fortunate through football.

National Healthcare Group Roll Up Banner

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

The word “banner” is derived from the Latin word bandum, and was further developed by the Germans to mean an official edict or proclaimation. Today, banners have evolved to mean anything displayed as a symbol, often regardless of material. Banners in present day are primarily used for advertising purposes and creating brand awareness.

Design Workz is delighted to be enlisted by the National Healthcare Group (NHG) to assist them in the design and printing of their Roll Up Banner. We sincerely hope that the Roll Up Banner has helped NHG create greater public exposure so that more people will comprehend their vital role in our society.

NHG Roll Up Banner

Roll Up Banners are lightweight, hence they are convenient to set-up/dismantle. Images and text on the banner are also of a good size and easy to see even from a distance, thus increasing visibility. Due to convenience of portability, it can even be strategically positioned to create an even greater impact. Protective layers like gloss or matt lamination is applied on to increase lifespan of the banner.

Banners can be used for exhibitions, marketing pitches, sales presentations, and retail displays. Prominent banners can also be used to guide people in the correct direction.

The success and effectiveness of a banner is very much determined by the design. Should you need more information on banners or wish to heighten effectiveness of your current banner, feel free to contact Design Workz. We are always ready to share more on our area of expertise.