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Natural World Logo Design

Tuesday, April 28th, 2015

Natural World Logo

One of the most important elements of a successful business is the logo that owners choose to represent it. A logo is far simpler than remembering facts or a description of why your brand stands out from the rest; it’s a meme and an idea that just sticks in the minds of your customers, helping them associate certain, positive feelings with your business. In the marketplace, brand awareness rules. Without customers being able to instantly recognise and connect with your brand, your products and services won’t sell well. When folks are aware of your brand and what it sells, half the battle is won right there! Your brand stays in their minds even when you’re not actively advertising to raise awareness for it. Having a logo that is the identity and symbol of your operation is a trust-building element. A trust-building element is a factor that puts your customers at ease with your business and makes them feel comfortable dealing with you.

Customers associate all sorts of emotions and feelings with a logo, based on the design. For instance, a logo that features timeless shapes like stars or strong, bold strokes and lines will end up inspiring dependability and strength in your brand. Just like the logo we made for our new client – Natural World Products Pte Ltd. They provide organic products for machinery, equipments, agriculture & fashion products. The symbol of your company, a logo epitomises your brand and is the most high-profile, visible representation of your business to its target market. It’s necessary, therefore, for a lot of thought to be invested in the design of a logo. There’s no doubt that investing time in logo design can help grow your business.

CE Management Consulting Logo Design

Thursday, March 19th, 2015

CE Management Logo

A great logo is an expression of the company values, culture and people. It is like a  employee whose main job is to be distinctive and represent the company in the best possible way. Creating a logo involves crafting a shape that makes that statement and is distinct in a world full of images and symbols. It needs to make a definitive statement about what you do. It is a very precise and challenging aspect of design, one at which our team excels. Connecting with a designer can make a world of difference when trying to achieve this goal. Our designers know how to convey the message you want in an appealing and simplistic design that will be easily recognizable by your customers. Creating a wordmark, is another effective aspect of logo design. By taking a word and making it your logo, you can make a memorable impression even without a symbol or illustration.

This is what we have done in our new client CE Management Consulting logo design. Our designers aim to learn as much as possible about the company culture, values and the way they do business, and then inject that message when they design that company logo.

MBE Logo Design

Tuesday, August 26th, 2014

MBE Logo Design

Attention ladies!! The queen treatment is essential for a modern day women – Handbags. A day out won’t be complete without it. We have the privilege to work with MBE in designing the Logo for their corporate office located at Yishun which is also the location of their showroom.

MBE have chosen our Bronze package that comes with free business card design as well. A one two knockout punch to enforce their presence in the market. Our modern design incorporate the cursive letters and the colours of red with a dash of yellow to highlight the curve of a new age women.

With many top brands to choose from, the showroom let consumers have a peace of mind when purchase online.

Euro R Trading Logo Design

Friday, May 3rd, 2013

Euro R Trading

Euro R Trading is a company that deals with import and export for electronics products such as laptop and handphones. It deals mainly with online customers which is a recent trend now in our society. Everyone buys online and sits at the comfort of our homes waiting for delivery. It is easy to buy online now with more and more website portals coming up with online shopping feature giving a huge boast to online sales and business.

Are you catching up with the trend? Is your website equipped with online shopping cart? Else talk to us today to discuss what options that you can have now…

Core Fitness Logo Design

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

Core Fitness Stationery

Upon meeting a business prospect for the first time, it is almost mandatory for each to whip out and exchange business cards. Via this act alone, we can conclude that the significance of business cards should not be trivalised. A business card is more than just a scrap of paper containing your name and contact details with display of the products / services you offer. Instead, it is your branding package condensed, and your individual promise to your client or customer.

As its name suggest, Core Fitness Physiotherapy & Pilates places an emphasis on fitness, providing services which will help improve their clients’ health. They specialise in rehab pilates, fitness pilates, physiotherapy, sports injury rehab, post surgery rehab, gyrotonics, and TRX.

The foundation of branding is in your logo. All promotional materials should effectively communicate your brand, and help clients / customers differentiate your business from competitors. After discussion, Design Workz came up with a stationery package for Core Fitness, comprising of their brand name made up in classy, attractive colours. Design Workz sincerely hopes to be able to journey along together with Core Fitness on their branding initiative.