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Marketing vs Advertising

Thursday, November 6th, 2014

Marketing vs Advertising

Advertising and Marketing appear to be similar but not the same. It is confusing. As a start, all aspects of Advertising is a small part of Marketing.
Advertising is the connectivity between the product and consumer or general public. It can be print, radio, television or online advertising.

Marketing involves planning of business activities bringing together the product owner and customers. It has a wider scope which covers Advertising, Pricing Strategy, Distribution Channel, Public Relation etc. Advertising being a small part of the Marketing, incurred the largest expenses. Barron’s Dictionary of Marketing describes it as a “paid form of a nonpersonal message communicated through various media. [It] is persuasive and informational and is designed to influence the purchasing behaviour and/or thought patterns of the audience.”

As advertising cost increases, company have to maximise their advertising dollars and the choice of media mix used to target and isolate potential customers and at the same time expose the products and services in the market. Since potential customers are bombarded with thousands of advertisements, being able to stand out from the crowd definitely have a competitive edge. By choosing to work with advertising professionals, there is a better chance of getting it right.

Sales & Marketing or Marketing & Sales

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

When you look at these two terms separately, both actually holds different meaning,

Sale [seyl] noun
1. The act of selling.
2. A quantity sold.
3. Opportunity to sell; demand: slow sale.
4. A special disposal of goods, as at reduced prices.
5. Transfer of property for money or credit.

Marketing [mahr-ki-ting] noun
1. The act of buying or selling in a market.
2. The total of activities involved in the transfer of goods from the producer or seller to the consumer or buyer, including advertising, shipping, storing, and selling.

Often times they are used as corporation slurs by unaware individuals of an organization, community or even within government. Usage of words require context to set a ground for a conversation, as some words can have very broad spectrum of meanings, therefore people in industry have to be sharp with words.

One does not simply list a thorough summaries of event that is happening for a duration when someone of authority says “Give me a minute”.

When we carefully observes how each intended meanings in these 2 words ring about, we can generally infer that “Marketing” applies like water in a big farmland, and “Sales” are those small seeds that need growing and tending.

“Sales” is one part of the entire ground, whereas “Marketing” hits the whole land. Thus we come to the paradoxical question, can “Sales” survive without “Marketing”? Will the ‘seed’ be able to grow without ‘water’?

Scientifically they can, but not for long. Empirically, in business perspective, especially in modern time, the proper combination of Sales & Marketing plays an important role in shifting your company from a little fig leaves to a gargantuan tree!

Because “Marketing” is entirely consumer based, it is a message tailored to suit your target audience, this ‘water’ that brings life to your “Sales” needs to be managed by tactful and sharp individuals. In turn this will cause heavy impact to the audience receiving the message in the product or service your company is providing.

Thus the key to an excellence Sales & Marketing team lies in pruning the right talents and cultivating mutual teamwork in your members!

Time to take Action

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

Hope that the recession has not affected your company too badly… But what else can be done to better secure your company’s interests? It is time for you to take action; be proactive!

Do you want to tide over the economic downturn?

Hesitate no more! Call us now to enquire on how our expertise may assist you in marketing your business and to even capitalise on the downturn!

Start Marketing NOW!

Thursday, February 12th, 2009

Now is the opportune time for you to work on intensive marketing. Why did I say that? Today, we are facing an economic downturn, every company is cutting costs or retrenching staff. When your existing clients are also cutting costs and buying lesser from you, what have you got left? Answer: You will have lesser sales and a lower profit margin.

Procrastinate no more and begin your marketing strategies now as there is no point blaming the economy, your destiny and whatever comes to mind. Discuss with your team and work out new strategies to retain existing clients and also attract potential ones. Look through your marketing materials again; get prepared, get trained such that you are ready when the opportunity comes knocking on your door.

Think about it, when all your competitors are cutting cost in terms of marketing and whatnots, it is in fact, the best time for you to enter the playing field (e.g. through more attractive marketing strategies) for you are bound to shine amongst the other competitors and emerge as the victorious one!