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National Healthcare Group Roll Up Banner

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

The word “banner” is derived from the Latin word bandum, and was further developed by the Germans to mean an official edict or proclaimation. Today, banners have evolved to mean anything displayed as a symbol, often regardless of material. Banners in present day are primarily used for advertising purposes and creating brand awareness.

Design Workz is delighted to be enlisted by the National Healthcare Group (NHG) to assist them in the design and printing of their Roll Up Banner. We sincerely hope that the Roll Up Banner has helped NHG create greater public exposure so that more people will comprehend their vital role in our society.

NHG Roll Up Banner

Roll Up Banners are lightweight, hence they are convenient to set-up/dismantle. Images and text on the banner are also of a good size and easy to see even from a distance, thus increasing visibility. Due to convenience of portability, it can even be strategically positioned to create an even greater impact. Protective layers like gloss or matt lamination is applied on to increase lifespan of the banner.

Banners can be used for exhibitions, marketing pitches, sales presentations, and retail displays. Prominent banners can also be used to guide people in the correct direction.

The success and effectiveness of a banner is very much determined by the design. Should you need more information on banners or wish to heighten effectiveness of your current banner, feel free to contact Design Workz. We are always ready to share more on our area of expertise.