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Below-the-Line Advertising (BTL)

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

Are you a new business start up needing to find more ways to publicize yourselves? Or a well-established institute whose promotional methods have not been working for you? Regardless of the trade or industry your company is in, it is a definite that marketing and/or advertising techniques will be necessary – sooner, if not later.

Design Workz would like to take this opportunity to share more on three specific advertising techniques available, namely: Below-the-Line Advertising (BTL), Above-the-Line Advertising (ATL), and Through-the-Line Advertising (TTL). We hope that the brief explanations will shed some light, as well as aid in decision making as to which method to use.

BTL refers to advertising methods that are more conventional, but no less effective. Common examples include mailers, flyers, and brochures. This form of advertising has higher likelihood of obtaining a sale as compared to ATL. As BTL advertising has a very specific target group, it is best used when you know that your product or service is relevant to this group of consumers to maximize response rate. BTL is also beneficial if you are working with a fixed budget, as payment for this form of advertising is usually transparent and upfront.

ATL advertising utilizes mass media, targeting the general population and mass markets. Timeslots will be purchased by the advertiser, and air time for said advertisements will be published on television, radio, newspapers, or even at public locations. Unlike BTL advertising, ATL advertising usually does not translate to a direct sale. Instead, it will help establish and increase brand identity. Hence, this form of advertising is particularly useful for larger enterprises, companies trying to distinguish themselves from competitors, or start ups trying to build brand awareness. ATL advertising is more intangible as compared to BTL, and hence also harder to measure.

TTL advertising employs a mix of both BTL and ATL, aiming to integrate both methods to optimize returns from either market. Hence, a company may publish television ads for a new food item, then give out coupons at a physical location to reinforce their advertisement. This is also the most commonly used method.

Design Workz hopes that this brief introduction will be useful to one and all, as well as help provide an insight into the advertising industry. Should you wish to learn more, feel free to get in touch.