What is a Creative Brief?

A Creative Brief is simply a document that provides a detailed overview of the project. It often includes information such as the goal of the project or campaign, what needs to be created, the product or service featured and its top features and benefits. Details on special offers, pricing, or incentives, insights into the target audience, an analysis of the competition, the project schedule and etc. A basic creative brief always should includes the purpose of the ad as well as the profile of the target audience. The purpose of the ad refers to the desired reaction of the target audience, including how should the ad make them feel or what should the ad make them do. The brief may also contain the background of the client and/or ad campaign, if relevant to the project. To cut down the amount of bother to the client, however, the creative brief will almost always spell out any definite things the client doesn’t want to see in the ad as well as any things the client wants to be included. If the creative team is fairly inexperienced, the brief may add a considerable number of copy points to help focus the ad. For example, the brief for a cough drop ad may list suggestions such as mentioning the soothing action of eucalyptus by looking for the special blue circle symbol found on the package. This way, the copywriter would include information about that in the ad copy while the art director could ensure the blue circle is shown in the graphics for the ad.

So let the Creative Brief act as your guiding instrument and understand that time spent on a well-designed brief is an investment paying handsome dividends; greatly improved process, a higher quality of output and ultimately a more trusting relationship with your team or client.


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